Is it wrong to be self-centred?

You might be looking at this blog article right now and thinking: “Evelina, what are you talking about? Of course, it is wrong to be self-centred.”  Truth be told, being self-centred can actually help you feel free and happy and this post will show you why. By the end of this article, I can guarantee that you will look at […]

Weight loss: food. How to burn body fat?

Losing weight or belly fat has been one of the most popular physical health topics for years. For some of us, it is about improving our physical health and reducing the risk of life-threatening diseases. For some of us, it is more about body image and self-esteem. Extra belly fat can make us feel unattractive, especially when comparing ourselves with […]

A look into active meditation.

Do you believe that meditation is very beneficial to your mental/emotional health, but find it difficult to sit still? I sure do.  I am super active and get bored easily by staying still in one place for too long. For instance, I cannot sunbathe for hours straight. I find it boring. Usually, I can be found either swimming in the […]