5 warning signs that you lack confidence

No matter what problem or difficulty you are experiencing at any time, the first step in eliminating the issue is to identify it. In other words, you have to recognise that you are facing a challenge or issue that needs to be addressed and only then start working on it. 

When I asked on my social media platforms, what my audience was struggling more with – building confidence or finding the motivation to complete tasks. 100% of my audience or everyone who responded told me that their primary challenge is to build confidence. Thus, I am committed to creating more blog articles about the topic of “confidence”. 

In my last article, I presented to you 9 qualities all confident people have in common. This article is all about taking that first step – identifying if you lack confidence in the first place. I present to you 5 signs that you lack confidence. 

Talking about yourself in a negative way.

This is a very clear sign that you are struggling with confidence. A confident person believes they are enough and can find good in themselves. On the other hand, people with a low level of confidence will always find only negative things to say about themselves and will always blame themselves for things not working out. 

Having the opinion that you don’t deserve happiness.

I think this is one of the worst issues people with no confidence experience. I have seen many people around me who think that they don’t deserve to be happy. That they have no choice but to live a life full of disappointment, sadness and anger. It breaks my heart to see people convincing themselves that it is true.  

When you are confident, you feel that you either are living your best life or you are doing everything to achieve it. If that is not how it is for you, the concept of “confidence” may be strange to you. 

Having the opinion that you are inferior to others.

I think that this is the point most people associate with the word “confidence”. We often feel that confident people see themselves as superior, which is not true. Confident people simply see all human beings as equals and respect them. 

When you lack confidence, you see yourself from a completely different perspective – as inferior. You have somehow convinced yourself that for some reason other people are better than you. Maybe they have more money than you? So what? You might have something else that they don’t have. Never put yourself down. 

Compliments make you feel uncomfortable.

As I wrote in one of my other blog articles, the inability to accept compliments is strongly related to low self-esteem. Lack of confidence usually comes from low self-esteem. When someone compliments you and you feel uncomfortable, think that they are lying or can’t say “thank you”, you know that you don’t feel confident and you should start to build your confidence.

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You are not willing to take on challenges.

People who lack confidence are often scared of difficult tasks or new experiences. They already feel bad about themselves and difficult tasks mean that there is a higher chance for them to fail and feel even worse. New experiences, for instance, a new job mean that they have to impress people that they don’t know and they are scared of their judgment.

Let me give you a small example related to this point. I hope that it will encourage you to take on new and exciting challenges. 

For those who don’t know me very well public speaking or the prospect of other people listening to what I have to say used to scare the living daylights out of me. When I started studying at university, we had to do many different presentations in front of our seminar groups. One day, when the lecturer asked us who wanted to go first, I just found myself volunteering. And that is how I increasingly started to present my projects first and with more confidence. With each time I recognised more and more that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. The people in the audience were as scared as I was (if not more) and that there was no “right or wrong”. Whatever I said simply was my opinion and I stood by it. 

A while ago I was invited to be a guest on a podcast show. I was a little bit hesitant at first, but I said “yes”. As it turned out, I met an amazing person and made new connections. Plus, I had an amazing, relaxed talk with the host about topics that I am interested in and much more! After the show, I realised that I would have truly regretted it if a short moment of hesitation stopped me from doing it. 

What is stopping you? I have just the answer you are looking for: you. 

Do you feel that you lack confidence? Let me know in the comments!