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    Hello, my lovelies! I am Evelina & I would like to offer you the warmest welcome to my lifestyle blog!

    “WHO AM I?”

    I am a typical young woman in my 20s from a small country in Northern Europe & passionate about fitness, health, travel everything beautiful, and many many other things.

    Random facts about me.

    • I work out at a gym 5 days a week.
    • I am excellent at yoga.
    • Till this moment, I have studied 5 languages.
    • I have been to 20 different countries.
    • I moved to the UK completely alone, when I was 17 years old, with average English knowledge.
    • In 2021 I graduated from the University of Portsmouth with 1st class honours (distinction) degree in business & management.
    • I am a pescatarian.
    • At the moment, I am writing books about the realities of creating your blog & how to improve your soft skills that are in high demand at ANY workplace.
    • I used to work in luxury beauty product manufacturing, where I had the opportunity to test many different beauty products!

    It is safe to say that my life is never boring.


    Short answer: I love writing and helping others.

    It started as a skincare blog. But, due to my active lifestyle & interest in personal development, I transformed it into a lifestyle blog. Throughout college (high school) and university, I enjoyed writing essays. Plus, I like helping people. It makes me feel good. Therefore, I have launched my own bookstore, where you will find books on blog creation + books on personal growth. For instance, how to improve different soft skills that are useful at any workplace.  

    I have had many interesting experiences in life that have helped me to develop different crucial skills. For instance, moving to the UK at 17 taught me adaptability. University taught me written communication, teamwork & time management.

    Now, I am offering to you my products/services to contribute to your personal growth, solve your problems & improve your life.

    These include:

    • proofreading & editing your written work (UK & US English).
    • planning your trip to the UK or different European countries.
    • Book series about improving your soft skills that are in very high demand at any workplace or life situation (coming soon).
    • A book about what many bloggers don’t tell you about starting your blog to prepare you for the reality of it.

    Never stop learning & remember….you are gorgeous!