How to motivate yourself: 8 ways to increase self-motivation

Motivation is a tricky concept. Nowadays, more factors decrease self-motivation than ever before, for instance, fast food consumption and technology that makes our lives so easy that soon we won’t even have to lift a finger by ourselves. 

I aspire to encourage you to take responsibility for your life, find what motivates you and use it to get to the top.

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To learn how to increase self-motivation, you must first recognise the cause of your low level of motivation. What are the issues that lower your motivation? Can you spot any of these in yourself? 


Lack of organization

Eating unhealthy

Not exercising enough

Spending too much time on distractions (social media, TV)

Working too much or taking on more responsibilities than you can handle

Consuming too much alcohol

A quick note: a lack of motivation can also be a sign of a serious mental health problem, for instance, depression. If you suspect that to be the case for you, seek professional help. The tips in this blog article may only be short-term solutions in your case.

Have you identified what causes low motivation for you? Great! Now you are ready to hear 8 excellent ways to boost your self-motivation immediately.

Dedicate a particular time of the day for your distractions.

Nowadays, almost everyone is addicted to scrolling through social media or binge-watching Netflix episodes to the point we tend to do it without noticing. If this activity is important to you, you can dedicate a time slot when you do just that. But don’t do it during working hours. 

Create a daily to-do list in the evening for the following day.

To-do lists usually consist of small goals that will give you a purpose to wake up every morning. Being able to check all the boxes on your list will make you feel a sense of achievement and give you an energy boost.

Re-evaluate your activities.

There are 2 factors you should consider: 

  1. How time-consuming is the task?
  2. Why am I doing it? What will be the result if I complete this task? 

It should help you to assess whether a potential activity is even necessary. For example, if a task is very time-consuming but it is not significant to your success, health or safety, why should you do it?

Watch travel videos by travel bloggers.

This is what I do often and it truly works! Seeing someone else traveling across the world, meeting new people, and staying at awesome places makes me want to do the same. As a result, my motivation levels increase to unbelievable levels!

Set realistic goals.

Setting goals is one thing, but if they are beyond your abilities, it will discourage you and decrease your motivation. Set more realistic goals. Remember: even the smallest actions add up and bring you closer to your success (whatever it may be for you).

Start your day right.

Your morning routine determines how the rest of the day will go. Therefore, it is vital to have a morning routine to feel pumped and ready for the day. 

Create a vision board.

Vision boards are excellent at showing you what you could have in life and do wonders for your motivation. Think about your dreams/aspirations, choose appealing images, add these to your vision board and place it somewhere where you will always see it, for example, right above your desk.

Go on a holiday to recharge your batteries.

For those of us who work a lot…and I mean A LOT, the cause for a low level of motivation may be burnout/fatigue. It is important to rest and take a break from time to time to increase your motivation and be ready for new challenges. 

Do you have any effective motivation tips of your own? I’d love to hear them in the comments!