My books are designed to help you to improve your mental/physical health, organise different aspects of your life, strengthen relationships with others and yourself and more. But my blog posts are designed to educate you on the issues I am creating my books for. On this page, catch up with my latest posts on different issues that can potentially compromise every women’s ability to lead a fulfilling, active and normal life. 


  • 4 things to consider before starting with Amazon KDP.

    Note: this is a non-sponsored post. I am not paid any commission when you sign-up. I provide information solely to help other people to build an extra income stream. Amazon KDP is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to create a passive income stream. There are low barriers to entry, very low starting capital required and it is […]

  • The truth about social anxiety?

    What does the term “social anxiety” really mean? Why do we experience it? What can we do to reduce the symptoms of it?  To define the term “social anxiety”, let’s look at different situations that cause this form of anxiety.  Situation 1. Formal public speaking. It can be a presentation for work or performing on a stage. Situation 2. Informal […]

  • Self-esteem test for women + suggestions.

    Do you feel worthless or are you happy with yourself? Complete this short test to find out how high/low is your self-esteem. I promise you that choosing positive answers doesn’t make you an arrogant person. Be honest with yourself in order to get the most accurate results.  If your score on this test is low, then scroll down to the […]