The truth about arrogance and confidence.

Have you ever felt like you cannot talk about your accomplishments or abilities with others just because you think that they will perceive it as arrogance (not confidence)? Then you are definitely not alone.

Because of that, people are afraid to be confident and it seems easier to be modest and say (and even worse – think) bad things about themselves. The truth is: confidence and arrogance cannot be more different, but there is a fine line between them. It is very easy to go from being confident to coming across as arrogant.

The first difference between the two terms is that confidence is about you appreciating and being self-assured about your abilities. Arrogance, on the other hand, can be characterised with one word – exaggeration. Arrogant people feel exaggerated sense of their importance or abilities.

Now, let’s look at the main differences between confidence and arrogance.

Confidence vs arrogance: a comparison.

Arrogant & confident people treat others differently.An arrogant person sees and treats other people as inferior. They don’t listen to other people’s views and try to do everything to convince someone that they are right and others are wrong.A confident person listens to others and can accept that they don’t know everything and are able to learn from others. They treat other people with respect and can compliment others on their achievements too.
Arrogance & confidence come from different sources.The source of arrogance is often insecurities. Arrogance is used as a defense mechanism to prevent others from criticising and deepening feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem.The source of confidence is self-worth and mental stability. Confident people believe in themselves and their abilities & achievements. Therefore, they don’t feel the need to excessively brag and prove themselves to other people. They have inner peace.
There is a difference in communication between an arrogant and confident person. Conversation with an arrogant person is unpleasant. They won’t listen to what you have to say, they will try to convince you to accept their ideas. Furthermore, they will try to condescend you. Arrogant people have a lack of interest in other people’s views and lives.Conversation with a confident person is the opposite of arrogant people – pleasant. A confident person will listen to you with respect, compliment you and inspire you.
Arrogant & confident people have different relationships with other people. An arrogant person lives in their own world where they are the most important and perfect person. No one and nothing can affect their opinions and views. They don’t have a problem ending friendships in order to succeed. They cannot recognise their mistakes/faults and tend to blame other people for failure. Having a relationship with a person like that can be repulsive. No one wants to be around a person like that. A confident person can admit their mistakes and even show vulnerability. Having a relationship with a confident person will make you grow your confidence and self-worth.

My final thoughts.

As you can see from the table above, arrogance and confidence are two completely different terms. However, there is a fine line between them. It is all down to your attitude towards others. Imagine that you are talking with your friend about your accomplishments. Maybe at first, it is about your confidence in your abilities. But the moment you start to excessively brag about them, make the other person feel inferior, act like a know-it-all and disregard their views & trying to force yours, you become an arrogant person.

Treat other people with respect, recognise their abilities, listen to what other people have to say, inspire them and you will be a confident (not an arrogant) person. In other words, show interest in other people. Remember: confidence is attractive, arrogance is repulsive.