Weight loss: food. How to burn body fat?

Losing weight or belly fat has been one of the most popular physical health topics for years. For some of us, it is about improving our physical health and reducing the risk of life-threatening diseases. For some of us, it is more about body image and self-esteem. Extra belly fat can make us feel unattractive, especially when comparing ourselves with people on social media.

I personally believe that to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, there must be an exercise/diet balance. Healthy food alone isn’t everything and exercise alone isn’t everything either. 

Furthermore, the best way to stick to your healthy diet is to record what you eat. It gives you a better idea of how healthy your diet actually is. For this purpose, I have published my own exercise and meal journal, where you can:

  • Log what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
  • Log daily exercise time and describe what type of exercise you did. 
  • Write your notes regarding food or exercise. 

My meal and exercise planner can be purchased here.

The weight loss journal, on the other hand, offers more than that. You can:

  • Measure yourself before your weight loss journey, after, and every month in between.
  • Record your eating and exercise habits in more detail.
  • Do a weekly evaluation. 

My weight loss journal can be purchased here. 

In this blog post, we are going to explore 3 food-related habits that you should pick up in order to lose weight. All of these come from my own experience and are no secret, but they genuinely work.

No. 1. Reduce flour consumption. 

In my own experience, products containing flour are the #1 cause of weight gain. Whenever, I have attempted to dramatically reduce the consumption of pasta, pizza, bread, pastries, burgers, etc., the loss of fat has been very noticeable. Best of all? You lose it relatively quickly, especially, if you exercise on top of it. 

The biggest challenge that I find with avoiding flour products is that it is very difficult to avoid them. When eating out, finding something that does not contain flour is very difficult. As an example, think about what different fast-food chains offer, for example, pizza, burgers, and pasta. Think about what meals you can often find in cafes such as sandwiches and cakes. You get the point. 

My advice: try to go without eating products made of flour for a month and you’ll start to notice the difference for sure.

No. 2. Reduce sugar consumption.

Let’s say it how it is: we need sugar. In fact, it is impossible to avoid sugar altogether. Fruits, vegetables, dairy and even some grains consist of sugar. But how much refined (processed) sugar you consume is another question. 

Sugar has one great disadvantage: it provides you with short-term energy and offers low nutritional value. You become hungry quicker and consume more calories throughout the day. As a consequence, you gain weight. 

My advice: stop buying products high in refined sugar, for instance, cake and chocolate. When you don’t have these food items at home, it is easier to avoid them. 

No. 3. Reduce protein consumption. 

Don’t get me wrong, protein is absolutely necessary for us to grow/maintain muscles and to have long-lasting energy. But too much protein has its drawbacks. The biggest one: excess protein, in most cases, is stored as fat. 

I do weight training on a regular basis. I am all for growing my lower body muscles. But even in this case, I found that I can have too much protein. 

I noticed the effects of it when I consumed protein powder every day (on top of having a protein-rich diet). The extensive use of protein in my diet resulted in a weight gain. Therefore, I decided to stop using it to see how my body changes. And what do you know? I found it easier to lose overall body fat. 

Tip: When your diet already consists of protein-rich food items, there is no point in consuming the powder. This is crucial if you are all about losing weight and burning body fat. 

My final thoughts.

These are 3 dietary tips that should help you to lose your body fat tremendously. Best of all? These tips ensure that you lose weight while consuming all of the products and nutrients that you need. It is not about starving yourself. It is about eating everything in moderation. However, a healthy diet alone won’t suffice. It is only one part of your weight loss journey. 

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