A look into active meditation.

Do you believe that meditation is very beneficial to your mental/emotional health, but find it difficult to sit still? I sure do. 

I am super active and get bored easily by staying still in one place for too long. For instance, I cannot sunbathe for hours straight. I find it boring. Usually, I can be found either swimming in the sea, doing water sports, or having a walk on the beach. 

Same with meditation. I have tried the traditional sitting still and clearing your mind routine. It doesn’t work for me. To be honest, I start thinking even more, because there is nothing else that takes up my attention and shifts my focus. 

When I looked into meditation I discovered that there are different types of meditation and one of them is called “active meditation”. 

What is active meditation?

Active meditation is about achieving calm through movement AKA meditating in motion. It is a type of meditation designed for the modern world as opposed to the traditional sitting still method, which is ancient. When you practice active meditation, you focus on the task at hand such as gardening, cooking, exercising, and drawing. For instance, when drawing, focus on colours, shapes, and how your hand moves. 

Who benefits from this method the most?

  • People who for physical or mental reasons find sitting still in one position uncomfortable. 
  • People who lead busy lives and are always on the move. 

How do I practice active meditation? 

I practice 2 types of active meditation: journaling and weight training. What I have noticed about myself is that the more physically or mentally challenging a task is, the more my mind relaxes. The reason is that my focus shifts completely towards dealing with challenges such as heavy weight. At that moment, I seem to forget everything else – my responsibilities, pressures, work, etc. Sounds insane but weight training is the best way of active meditation for me. My body is physically challenged, yet somehow my mind is more clear than ever. 

Furthermore, I enjoy journaling as another method of active meditation. Whether it is drawing or writing.  Drawing random shapes (cubes, stars, houses, flowers) or doing self-reflection makes me feel like I forget the world around me. I feel at peace and relaxed. My mind feels empty.

If you are interested in journaling as a method of active meditation, check out my published prompt and blank journals/notebooks to get you started. From anxiety journals to simple notebooks, there is something for everyone.

What activities can you do as a form of active meditation?

There is no exact recipe for active meditation. As long as you feel that your mind is clear and you are able to put worries, stress, and responsibilities aside. As an example, you can practice active meditation by:

  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Drawing
  • Walking 
  • Cleaning
  • Yoga
  • Knitting 
  • Journaling

My final thoughts.

Still meditation is in the past. It is a new and more complicated world that we are living in right now. If you are a busy individual or find it difficult to stay still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t meditate and improve your mental wellbeing. Active meditation can be your solution. If you decide to try journaling, visit my books page.